Example prices.
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Please understand that the prices quoted are for illustration purposes only and individual circumstances will be considered when giving any Quotations.

In most cases we would expect to clear the contents of an average 2/3 bed house in either 1 load using our Lorry or more usually 2 loads if using a Luton Box Van. Prices for additional loads or for larger houses are negotiable and will reflect contents. For the removal of household furniture and other personal belongings, from one house to another house within an area of 0-3 miles (up to 8 miles from our base). Using a Medium wheel base Luton Box Van the cost would likely be £150.00 (first load) and between £40 (min) and £120 (max) depending on how full the van is, for the second or any subsequent load (if we were to use a Long wheel base Luton however the 1st load would likely be from £180). If using the Lorry the price in these circumstances would likely be from £350 for the load. The above prices are based on the average contents of a 2/3 bed home, with easy access (no more than 3 steps or long/steep, drive/pathways outside) and assuming that we would not have to dismantle or disconnect anything, or have to take any doors off etc.

We are happy to cater for people living in all types of properties including flats and buildings with awkward access and we CAN dismantle and disconnect certain items but, quotes will reflect any difficulties or extra work required. We alway's try to be fair with people and as long as we are aware of the circumstances beforehand then we can offer an unbiased price.

We are also happy to quote for multi-drop, or multi-pick up loads. All additions are at sensible rates. NB. These prices are for journey/s originating in the Swansea/Llanelli area of South Wales. Other area's will be priced differently according to mileage from our base.